Mundane Mondays.

July 20, 2009 at 2:59 pm Leave a comment

Nothing too exciting today. The weekend went fairly well, got a lot of cleaning and laundry done. Today just seems to be an “Eh” kind of day. I haven’t been digging into anything terribly exciting, but more or less just reorganizing all of the material that I’ve amassed since starting my research. Which, now that I think about it,  is a good thing since my notes were starting to get a little sloppy and all over the place. 😛

However, I did find one little gem in my research today from a gentleman who had written to the President and Masters of the College of William and Mary in February of 1804 in reference to what Jefferson had written in his Notes on the State of Virginia:

“The College is a large, but rude building. The person, Sir Christopher Wren, who planned it, has not manifested an exquisite taste for  the beauties of architecture. Mr. Jefferson in speaking of it calls it a ‘rude, misshapen pile, which, but that it has a roof, would be taken for a common brick-kiln’. It is certainly not an elegant structure, but it is easily distinguishable from a brick-kiln” (Letter of William T. Barry, WMQ Second Series, Vol. 8, No. 4, pg. 247).

What a whiner! 😛

Picture of the Day:

View from the mountain trail near Monticello on my first walk with Anna and Susan. 🙂


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