Thomas Jefferson as Virginia’s Governor.

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Today started off as has been the norm for the past week or so – got to the Library slightly late, dug into some e-mails, and the cracked open some books to start my research for the day. I also began double-checking for holes in the outline for my essay, and sure enough – I had overlooked a big one. I had neglected to include the establishment of the Law school (then called the school of Law and Police) at William and Mary, with his good friend and mentor George Wythe as its first professor. This is essential, as it shows that FINALLY Jefferson had gotten some sort of improvement into the College. Awesome. So I dove into the TJPortal in search of further information, and found practically nothing. I had tried JSTOR, and I had already read the articles of interest that they had to offer.

Then it hit me – perhaps I should try the Princeton volumes of TJ’s papers. Jefferson said it himself somewhere (I remember reading it at some point…but I can’t remember where… the researcher’s dilemma :P) that his biography was contained within his letters, so into the volumes I went. So far, I’ve only found a letter to a Mr. James Madison singing the praises of what George Wythe was doing with  the law school. Based on what Jefferson had written, it seems like there were quite a few debates and mock trials taking place with lots of participation by the students and other Williamsburgians. Sounds pretty sweet.  However, I then had read somewhere (Gah!) that Wythe had later left his post, as the College was once again brewing with mischievous behavior in both the faculty and the students. A sad ending to something that had so much promise… 😥

I am now sitting here still doing my research, and hopefully I’ll find more tasty tidbits for posting by the time my day at the Library is over. So that’s all for now, more to come later! : )


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Doing Some Hardcore Research at UVa. Whew! The sprint for the finish!

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