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Catching Up to Slow Down.

Sorry for the lack of fresh updates, these past few days have been a giant whirlwind of packing, driving, meeting with old friends, and other things. So here is a quick run-down: Tuesday morning Charlie cat and I made our way from Virginia to Ohio, braving things like thunderstorms, two-dollar tollbooths (without a FastPass transponder), and many mid-western people that do not know how to drive very well.  I enjoyed myself quite a bit, as I love a good long haul but Charlie didn’t seem too pleased with the whole ordeal, and he let me know the entire way.

That night I saw one of my good childhood friends, Miss Burns. We had a lovely time at the Martini Lounge, even though I think she was slightly disappointed  that I don’t drink. But it was fun to see her  and I was very happy to do some much-overdue catching up.

The next day (today), I FINALLY had the meal that I had been dying to eat ever since I had last been in Ohio two years ago – A delicious Frisco Melt with fries and a Strawberry and Banana milkshake. Oh man, that was super tasty; like I was tasting Ambrosia in some delicious form or another. It makes me really wish that there was a Steak n’ Shake in Amherst.

After my meal I was scooped up by the ever-lovely Sarah and Aubrey, two more friends that I had grown up with. We decided that the day was ripe for a good swim in Lake Mohawk, but ended up in just being a friendly conversational wade into the recently-treated-for-blue-algae-ish water. When we were finished there we proceeded on a whirlwind tour of nostalgia and drove past my childhood home, where I am happy to say that my and my sisters’ playhouse still stands – complete with the paint cans inside of it that we had left there over five years ago. Awesome. 😛

The tour then ended at Aubrey’s house, where we met up with the gorgeous Dani (also known as 留美, or お姉ちゃん) and chatted for a few hours. We then headed out for some poking around and food at Giant Eagle (a regional grocery store chain, similar to a Harris Teeter or a Stop n’ Shop) before I returned to my father’s house around eleven or so.

Then I had the bomb dropped on me: I couldn’t finish my journey back to New E ngland until Saturday morning. Apparently,  while my father was inspecting my car for things that were needing to be fixed he noticed that my emergency brake cables needed replacing in addition to an oil change and fixing a rear wheel cylinder. This would take quite some time to do, and thus I am here until all of those things are fixed. Good thing that I had left Charlottesville early, huh? XD

Pictures of the day:

My favorite meal of all time.

My favorite meal of all time. So satisfying!

My old playhouse, complete with the paint cans left there more than five years ago.

My old playhouse, complete with the paint cans left there more than five years ago.


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Whew! The sprint for the finish!

Today, I went into the library for an hour or two to wrap up a few odds and ends with my notes. I then dashed my way back to the apartment to begin the packing process, since I’ve decided to come home a few days earlier than planned. I’ve been getting pretty homesick lately, not to mention a few personal issues that I need to take care of,  and my research is pretty much completed. So why not? Plus, the pressure of finding a new job when I got back has starting to weigh on me as well, so it’s for the best that I head home soon.

Anyways, I would like to take a moment to say that, in spite of a few bumps in the road, all in all this internship experience was the best anyone in my position could possibly ask for. The staff at the Jefferson Library really took me in under their wings and made me feel like I was part of the family. I am greatly indebted to them for all of their help, wisdom, and hospitality these past two months, and I hope that someday  I can come back and do it all again! 🙂

Picture of the Day:

Thomas Jefferson as a pirate slaying a dinosaur, painted by me.

Thomas Jefferson as a pirate slaying a dinosaur, painted by me.

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