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The Joy of Finding a Part-time Job.

This morning I dragged my carcass out of bed at the ripe hour of 10 to begin expanding on my job search, in the event that the job offer at Barnes and Noble falls though. Since I had forgotten to post on Wednesday, I neglected to mention that I went to good ol’ BN for a job interview that went very well, minus the part about having to check with corporate(?) to see if they could take a new hire. So things are looking great now in terms of fitting in with the BN crew once more, however if they can’t afford to hire me then I’m in some deep,  serious trouble.

I decided that today, at the recommendation of my supervisor Jack, I would start with cafés and bookshops in the downtown pedestrian mall. I was pretty excited at this prospect, because the downtown mall is a fabulous place with lots of neat shops and fantastic people watching. So I parked my car at the Water St. garage (since the city market was taking place in the outdoor metered lot), and off I went.

My first stop was a little bookshop called Blue Whale Books. I went in to inquire for a job, and I was immediately brushed aside with a simple “no”. So I was then off to find greener pastures, and made a stop at one of my favorite restaurants called Revolutionary Soup. They are like a piece of Amherst, but slightly more punk rock and less Joan Baez. They offer all kinds of locally grown and baked goodies, and I’m pretty sure they’re vegetarian friendly too.  Unfortunately they weren’t hiring either, but at least they would accept my resume just in case.

FLASH: I was just going to type about the rest of my job hunting adventure, but I have just received a call for an interview from one of the bookshops that I had applied at! 🙂 It’s all set for Tuesday, and I hope that this job will work out nicely as I have a feeling that BN may have jumped the gun with me and may not work out. So with two great offers now on the table, I hope that at least one of them works out so I can continue eating this summer. 😛

Picture of the Day:

One of my favorite downtown Charlottesville restaurants, Revolutionary Soup.


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