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Rainy Day Tuesdays and Arrival in Charlottesville

The grand adventure of my 2-3 month long internship begins (well, sort of) today.

After braving twelve action-packed hours of driving down the eastern seaboard through the dead of night, I have finally made  it to Charlottesville and settled in somewhat.  The whole trip is, in retrospect, just a giant blur with a few tiny but tasty morsels sprinkled in. The biggest of them all being the surge of disappointment that I felt when it turned out that there was not indeed a Steak n’ Shake restaurant of off I-95 in Maryland but what appeared to be a shut down imposter. I had been so excited for the past week or so in anticipation of sinking my teeth into a delicious Frisco Melt, but alas, I would have to settle for highway hashbrowns washed down with a nearly tasteless chai tea latte from the nearest service plaza. Oh,the disappointment.

The day did look up however, as soon as I had finally made it into Charlottesville with my trusty co-pilot Scott at my side. All of the paranoia of landing a decent sublet (not to mention the fear of being scammed since I found the place on craigslist and do not live anywhere near VA and thus could not see the place beforehand) was quickly dissipated as soon as I had taken the first step into my new digs. Everything was nice, spacious, and even cozy. My first housemate turned out to be a dream as well, seeing as I didn’t even know that I was going to have housemates until about a week ago.

But I digress from the main purpose of this blog, which is to keep a record of my research done this summer and the interesting findings that I may have.  I am very excited about this summer and if the start of it is any indication of what is to come, than it is going to be a fantastic one.  I start interning officially at the Jefferson Library either Thursday or Friday, so we shall see just how well this first internship will go! 🙂

Picture of the Day –

The messy, messy aftermath of having just unloaded the car after a 12-hour straight marathon from MA to VA. And Scott's head.


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