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Ketchup Day.

First, I would like to apologize for the massive lack in posts for the past two days. Every night that I’ve gotten home I’ve been too busy and/or tired to post, so here’s some highlights of the past few days:


– Went to the library as usual,and had a jolly time doing my work. I then attended a historical meeting of sorts afterwards.

– Studied some Japanese.


– Went to work my first day at the bookstore. I restocked the Science Fiction section, mailed an online order for my boss, met the guy that owns Blue Whale Books, and cleaned off some shelves. It was actually lots of fun! 🙂

– Ate a tasty ham and cheese sandwich washed down with a massive strawberry milkshake at the locally famous historical landmark, Timberlake’s Drug Store. I also explored the Pedestrian Mall a little bit.

– Went grocery shopping and forgot to buy chicken, paperclips, and laundry detergent. Whoops. 😛


Moving on to today, I once again headed over to the bookstore for work this morning. I cleaned all of the outdoor bookcarts and restocked a lot of the fiction section. When it was time for lunch, I once again went out to explore the mall and headed into Five Guys, which was a highly recommended burger joint. It definitely lived up to expectations, but I think that I’ll be heading back to Timberlake’s next week. 😛

So all in all, it wasn’t TOO much of an eventful weekend (although I did have the bejeezus scared out of me when I came home from work and was face to face with a MASSIVE  wolf spider on my closet door). Starting my fun new job was pretty exciting, but now that my week has ended it is time to kickback, relax, toss in a couple loads of laundry, and maybe even sleep in tomorrow (that is, Charlie permitting 😛 ). My first full week here in Charlottesville has been pretty amazing, but also very demanding at  the same time. There is so much that I want to do and so little time, and I hope that I can spare a few moments to squeeze it all in.

Picture of the Day (once again, a delectable two-fer!):

This one is for Lisa - The Great Wall of Mystery.

This one is for Lisa - The Great Wall of Mystery.

In an unfortunate turn of events for us at the Jefferson Library, apparently there will be no Pie allowed in Charlottesville. :'(

In an unfortunate turn of events for us at the Jefferson Library, apparently there is no Pie allowed in Charlottesville. :'(


June 6, 2009 at 11:49 pm 2 comments

Some Interesting Finds, Sprinkled with a Few Thunderstorms.

Today pretty much started out as usual, as I headed over to the library and immediately dug into my tasty research. I had FINALLY finished reading and taking notes on the chapters that I had selected from the Dumas Malone book, which is awesome. What did I learn from Dumas Malone, you ask? Well first of all, I learned that my partner in crime Scott “Feets” Wilson is a lot more like TJ than I would like to admit (or actually, maybe I would…). Secondly, I learned a great deal more about TJ’s younger years when he was floating from Shadwell to Williamsburg every now and then learning law (and a little bit about the classics as well) under the respectable George Wythe. I also didn’t know that from time to time that he had played violin for, and I think sometimes with, Governor Fauquier.

As far as tasty tidbits go,  I particularly liked this quote from Euripides that Jefferson had included in his literary notebook after he was basically snubbed by his love interest, Miss Rebecca Burwell:

“Nothing is better than  a reliable friend, not riches, not absolute sovereignty. Nay more, the crowd is not to be reckoned with, in exchange for a noble friend” (found on page 85 of the first volume of the Dumas Malone series, if you’re interested).

Very touching, I’d say. Malone continued to note that Jefferson made an effort to say very little, if anything at all about “individual women” after that, but continued to reminisce fondly of dear friends of his. However, on a side note, if I were TJ after being snubbed by the girl of my dreams, I’d be quoting something by Aeschylus in my literary notebook. But thats just me. 😛

As the afternoon rolled in, I then dove into the first volume of the highly recommended Marie Kimball set. I didn’t have much time left at the library at that point, so I only had managed to write maybe a page  of notes before I skidaddled out of there for the day.

One final note: It storms A LOT in Charlottesville during the summer, apparently.

Picture of the Day (a two-fer, as promised! :)):

The Elegant Front Entranceway of the Jefferson Library.

The Elegant Front Entrance of the Jefferson Library/Robert H. Smith International Center for Jefferson Studies.

Hehe Charlie Peekin.

Hehe Charlie Peekin.

June 3, 2009 at 6:44 pm 4 comments

More Fanciful and Fun Research; Plus, a Job Interview!

Today has been, for the most part, business as usual. I arrived at the library this morning on time, and everything had been going fairly smoothly. I’ve finally finished skimming the early life portions of Henry S. Randall’s The Life of Thomas Jefferson, and I’ve moved on to the more well-known work of Mr. Dumas Malone called Jefferson the Virginian. Malone’s book is the first of a multi-volume series which many of the library staff deemed a highly recommended read. I plan to finish skimming and taking notes on the early life portions of this work by the end of the day today, so then I can get a move on with the first volumes of the Marie Kimball and Paul Leicester Ford sets. Aww Yeah! 🙂

I also ended up leaving the library about 30 min early so that I could go in to the bookstore on the downtown pedestrian mall for an interview. As I was driving to get there,  I ended up daydreaming at a traffic light and made a turn that launched me into a giant circle, which cost me an extra 5 minutes but it was alright. I made it to the bookstore just in the nick of time, and the owner had me sit down for a nice five-minute chat.

He asked me a few questions, gave me the lowdown on the store and what hours I’d be working, etc. etc., and then he handed me the usual hiring paperwork and like magic I was done! Done and basically hired! 🙂

Unfortunately, I do not have a Picture of the Day for today. However, don’t get TOO upset because that does mean that tomorrow’s post will definitely be a two-fer! 🙂

June 2, 2009 at 1:35 pm 5 comments

Rainy Day Tuesdays and Arrival in Charlottesville

The grand adventure of my 2-3 month long internship begins (well, sort of) today.

After braving twelve action-packed hours of driving down the eastern seaboard through the dead of night, I have finally made  it to Charlottesville and settled in somewhat.  The whole trip is, in retrospect, just a giant blur with a few tiny but tasty morsels sprinkled in. The biggest of them all being the surge of disappointment that I felt when it turned out that there was not indeed a Steak n’ Shake restaurant of off I-95 in Maryland but what appeared to be a shut down imposter. I had been so excited for the past week or so in anticipation of sinking my teeth into a delicious Frisco Melt, but alas, I would have to settle for highway hashbrowns washed down with a nearly tasteless chai tea latte from the nearest service plaza. Oh,the disappointment.

The day did look up however, as soon as I had finally made it into Charlottesville with my trusty co-pilot Scott at my side. All of the paranoia of landing a decent sublet (not to mention the fear of being scammed since I found the place on craigslist and do not live anywhere near VA and thus could not see the place beforehand) was quickly dissipated as soon as I had taken the first step into my new digs. Everything was nice, spacious, and even cozy. My first housemate turned out to be a dream as well, seeing as I didn’t even know that I was going to have housemates until about a week ago.

But I digress from the main purpose of this blog, which is to keep a record of my research done this summer and the interesting findings that I may have.  I am very excited about this summer and if the start of it is any indication of what is to come, than it is going to be a fantastic one.  I start interning officially at the Jefferson Library either Thursday or Friday, so we shall see just how well this first internship will go! 🙂

Picture of the Day –

The messy, messy aftermath of having just unloaded the car after a 12-hour straight marathon from MA to VA. And Scott's head.

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