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Learning How to Do History, One Baby Step at a Time.

Today was my second full day at the library, and to be honest it flew by before I even could sit down to do research for more than 5 minutes (in a good and rather productive way!). First, I sat in for about two hours on the weekly staff meeting. It was very interesting to hear about everything that was happening at the library, but it was also great to get a larger sense of the group dynamic and how everyone interacts. For something that is usually supposed to be something people dread coming to each week, ESPECIALLY on a Monday morning on about five hours of sleep, I actually enjoyed it.

After the meeting, I had my lunch and then went to the reading room to wait for Anna to give me her take on the library and what I should know. It turns out that I had already knew quite a bit about using databases and whatnot, but she certainly helped immensely by filling me in on things that my experiences had missed. She then showed me around the stacks, giving me excellent pointers on what authors and works to trust in terms of scholasticism and reliability. The Princeton-edited series of the Papers of Thomas Jefferson is the best in this case; with the worst being a set by a guy whose name I can’t remember but he slashed portions out of  and personally rewrote some parts of the letters organized in his little published series of Jefferson writings.

The tour went on throughout the whole library, and before we knew it, it was four o’ clock. Quittin’ time. I mused for a few moments about whether or not I should hang around and do some work, but I then remembered that I had to pick up some paperwork from my apartment complex’s leasing office and also to tend to some other odds n’ ends of errands. Nothing too exciting.

I also realized that I hadn’t made a post for yesterday, so here are some of the highlights:

– The Comcast man came by and installed a modem for internet usage, so now I can quit leeching from whoever setup that open wireless connection!

– Started making my Kanji flashcards for this week.

– Charlie was a real jerk cat and peed all over my duffel bag full of clean clothes, so I did laundry.

– Moved some of the furniture from the living room into my room, making it seem much more cozy to relax or work in.

Also, a two-fer Picture of the Day:

The new room set-up! :)

The new room set-up! 🙂

A pooped little Charlie cat.

A pooped little Charlie cat.


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